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Where We Going I Don't Know, Where We Heading


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According to Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports, under Danny Wilson, Milton Keynes Dons have secured seventeen points from 13 games.

Now I know I was/am in the "pro Wilson" camp, this thread isn't about Danny Wilson, so please read on.

Jeff Stelling, also comments that, on this form, MK Dons might, just might succeed in their fight against relegation.

Having looked at my fixture list (I Don't buy programmes so the games may not be in sequence, no doubt someone will tell me if I'm wrong)) I've noticed that City, in their last 13 games have secured fifteen points.

To me, this would suggest that if things are allowed to continue as they are, we should finish this season in a highly respectable mid table position with around 60 points. :D

If still then, The peoples Chumpion is allowed to continue to disect MY team without intervention from the Four Puppeteers, I would suggest that this time next year could see us entrenched within the bottom four. Be warned!!

It also suggests that Danny Wilson is a far greater leader and motivator of men than our glorious leader who is the peoples Chumpion despite the difference in ability of the two squads.

Alas, the only thing likely to succeed in the Tinnion household is his budgie

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Nice & constructive response r72  :P

But difficult to argue with though isn't it? :D

Yeah but aren't u getting fed up with all this negativity? Constructive critisism fine but its turning into a nightmare I'm even dreaming about it now :@ Please can someone cheer me up with some positive posts (Sorry Paul)but we catch your drift now :(

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Tee Hee what a compliment from you! Actually I'm way older than at school but all this bitching isn't doing u any good arPaul. Tutt Tutt Take a chill pill :D

I'll sleep when the "fat lady" sings for The peoples Chumpion !

And I don't mean me bleedin' wife.

"Oops sorry Love I coming up now". :(

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