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Name that manager.......

"I [am] here to work hard and I expect everyone else to do the same.

We must accept the .....[last]..... game was bad and not the kind of performance we want in future.

He added: "I don't want to spend time here without trophies. It's not enough for me to see my side play well in one or two games. I want consistency and that means everyone working harder.

I told the players this week that when I decided to join this club I took it on as a challenge.

We all have to accept responsibility and do everything we possibly can to make a strong team, not only in the future but from now."

Answers on a postcard but sounds vaguely familiar with the exception of everyone taking responsibility and not just a couple of players.

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Rafael Benitez?

Correct. It seems players not turning up isnt just a BCFC disease..

Difference is he makes it a collective responsibility with them all instead of saying well i'm trying but no-one else is - makes a big difference in preventing the alienation of players.

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