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Don't Worry

Bristol Boy

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You, like me, may have thought that the club had problems.

Not at all.

Far from it.

Lads,we've got a new mascot!!! :wacko::city::city::laugh:;)

Lets not worry about the season slipping away,discipline & suspensions,dressing room unrest and the worst home performances in recent memmory........No, cheer up you lot


Just what kind a anoraks and numpties do these ******g Marketing Gurus think they're dealing with?

I'd like to play a game called


And there's a few names that I've in mind :wacko::wacko:

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Oh but it's half term and a bit of fun for the future of Bristol City......the young fans. Hoorah a Robin, great a Robin....What a load of rubbish unless he is a manager in disguise!!!!!

What do they take us for?

Got to give the kids something to do as we haven't got a home game this weekend. :D

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