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Why Always So Crap


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Our present situation has got me thinking.

I've supported City for many many years now and remember the bloke (Ashton Alf) walking around the pitch with the Robin on the pole and being able to take my feet off the ground and not fall down, due to crush of the 40,000 crowd one match against Blackpool.

In all this time we have always been a "nearly" club, promising much delivering little. We can't put the blame on the management, board or players, as these change on a regular basis. Could it be the fans? Well as much as we think we can influence decisions made by the club, in reality hardly any notice is taken of us, so what else could it be?

Is the pitch running in the wrong direction. When you look at the land line carving in Peru their direction must be significant in some way.

Is Ashton Gate situated on a Ley line which is giving off negative energy?

If the pitch were dug up would they find an ancient Pagan burial ground from which the spirits of the dead cast their evil influences on us for running around (not Tommy) on their resting place.

I think that the board should employ Tony Robinson and his "Time Team" to investigate any weird goings on and have the area exorcised if suspicious.

WE NEED TO KNOW! :D:laugh:

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