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Set Pieces

Ian M

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For years now we have been totally incapable of defending any kind of set-piece and missed out on auto-promotions and play-off places because of it.

This season we would be in the top 6 and possibly challenging at the top if we'd cut out the sloppy goals at set pieces.

However, things have now reached an all-time low because of our inability to defend set pieces.

The goal Oldham scored tonight, with a FREE HEADER FROM A CORNER robbed me of my "Lita to score first, City to win 5-0" scorecast at odds of 229/1! :@

Still, got my stakes back for all tonights failed bets with a "City to win by 2 or more goals" saver so can't complain that much I guess :whistle:

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It was pretty poor tonight defensively - most around me seem to agree that we got off lightly and Oldham were a bit harshly done by.

Alan Hansen would have been having heart attacks if he watched that tonight - boths defences were shocking.

Worringly though it wasnt just set pieces - any ball into the box tonight seemed to cause panic and gave Oldham at least half a dozen headers at goal - Steve Howard would have hat trick tonight without any doubt.

Goes to show I think that we need to get Ireland back by the time we go to Luton or that could get ugly. Real ugly.

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Noticed that city had three players on the half way line on every set piece which was good,gives us the chance to make a quick break and also takes a few bodies out of the box. Shame we never actually won the ball to free them and when phillips did get the ball he kicked it so high it's due back to earth in time for the Blackpool game.

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