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Ian M

I support this manager  

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I voted no.

You cant ask anymore than 6 points from 2 games. However at the start of this season we had the squad in place to jusitfy the bookies assertion of us as promotion favourites. This years league is much weaker than last, with all due respect the inclusion of Bourmouth and Brentford (A mate of mine is a Brentford fan, apparently their squad is wafer thin - perhaps best demonstrated by them taking Steve Claridge on earliar in the season and they have apparently resulted to playing defneders in midfield due to lack of players) in the play-offs demonstrates this fact. All things considered we are currently (aside from the past 2 games) horrendously underachieving.

I was willing to give Tinnion till the end of the season, however pitiful performances at home to Chesterfield and Walsall led me to believe that a man such as Dave Jones is significantly more likely to lead this club to success and thus i felt Tinnio should leave.

It would take a very naive and short sighted person to now vote 'yes' had they voted 'no' - it wouldnt overly surprise me though!

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Guest MaloneFM

He actually knows the club and the supporters. And is not failed at a higher level and has gone down to a lower level and then down again (Wilson), good at this level but head dissapears up arse when promoted (Ward), looing of a quick payday so does not sign the contract (Clueless).

I'm afraid ladies and gentlemen this is as close as we are going to get since Tony Flipflop got us to Wembley then changed into Arthur Daley overnight, into having a supporter in the dugout.

It could be going MUCH worse. We have been favourites for promotion for at least the last two seasons. So that basically means b u g g e r all. We are 2 points off a play off place NOT 1 point from safety. He has and will make cock ups because he is learning.

But I'd rather he made them rather than we appoint someone who will do the job (and gods knows there aint many of those about) where we are constantly looking over his shoulder to make sure he dosn't make a mess of it like he did when he was at his previous place.

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I didn't vote in the first poll - would probably have been a no - I just voted yes.

I think that if we get a decent left back - Golbourne probably a couple of years too young and also a decent left winger we will have a very good team next season. (Probably need another centre-back as well)Also after a season of 'learning' I think Tins will get it right.

We are where we are and we may as well start looking forward rather than moaning about the past.

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