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Sensible for the club and the player and, unless otherwise agreed he can be recalled at 48 hours notice, as I understand it.

KA came on a sub for Yeovil in their 4-3 defeat of Scunny so at lease if they are recalled they're match fit and have a fighting chance.

Lets face it, we were almost down to the bar bones when Carey was doubtful against Oldham!

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am not sure how the loans work, but presumably we can recall Gillie if we need to? (eg ireland and peterborough)

April 30th is at the crucial end of the season, with possible playoffs, so lets hope he keeps his form...

I don't think we can recall him if we needed to, I believe that if we had loaned him out for the month then we would be able to recall him (I.e Ireland - Posh)

I think the way the loan is structured, over 2 months city miss out on having a recall option, the same as we cant recall Miller or Woodman.

Lets just hope our strikers carry on scoring and Gillespie gets some more experience.................

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