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Ireland Hands Is Transfer


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I know City have said the deal is dead but I would not be surprised to see Ireland signing for us next week. That's why we have not got anyone in this week. Nor could P'boro. Too busy with a game on Wed and Sat.

Plus Re: Tinn comments in Post about early goal. you just know we won't get one...and the pressure will build on us. Blackpool's tactics will be to stifle and sneak a goal eventually.

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:city:is ireland realy the answer,tinnon said that he would only sign players good enough to play at a higher level and i don't think he is,so leave this deal dead and burried in peterbrough and go some where else looking for the centre half we need :ph34r:

Yeah normally that would be the way to go. But we don't seem to have enough defenders who can even play at this level yet, let alone a higher divison. So if we can get him on the cheap, then this is surley a good deal.

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