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Ollie And Stan...


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I sometimes wonder what 'Ollie' Tinnion and 'Stan' Millen do with this lot in training. And where do they get their game plans from? :grr:

How can we be so dominant in the first half with enough chances to close the game out without breaking into a sweat, and then go absent in the second half and hardly have a shot on goal? :blink:

And please don't say "That's football!" because that's something it certainly ain't! :grr:

And where does it say in the coaching manual that if things start going against you and you are under more pressure from your opponents, that you must constantly hoof the ball up the field in a desperate attempt to provide some relief to your troubled back four who have been shockingly let down by an absent midfield? :grr:

And how does "Ollie" justify taking off Wilkshire (who I admit wasn't his usual self) and moving Cotterill (again one of our more effective players) over to the left to accomodate his mate "Champagne Charlie" Murray, who did absolutely nothing, and THEN take Cotterill off because he's now become ineffective on the left to make room for Anyinsah (who looked out of his depth)?! :o

Are there really still people around who think we can put a run together and make the play-offs? Yes, we're within shouting distance, but does anyone REALLY believe that "Stan and Ollie" can put a run of good results together? :city:

Is there any hope in asking the FA if we can play our games without a half-time break? The club must have put on some really good 'half-time entertainment' in the home dressing room, because our lot didn't seem to want to be out there in the second half. :cool:

Answers on a postcard please... ^_^

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