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New Mugs Are Now In The Shop

Guest Neo

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It's not the fact that it is the badge I hate; admittedly that doesn't help.

It is the fact that Dick Gould's original MS Paint print (possibly printed on the first ever colour ink-jet judging by the quality) appears to have been used as the master for printing.

No specialist art-work appears to have been done to smooth the edges and improve the detail.

It is bland and quite frankly, tacky and amateurish.

I wouldn't use it for storing my used paint-brushes. Saying that, spillages could possibly improve the overall look! happy.gif

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There was a mention on the local news(BBC 1 I think) last night. It said both styles of mug were in the shop so fans could decide. They asked a few people what they thought as well, I don't think any were in favour.

I think the whole thing has been a rush job. I have read a few posts on the subject and thought the design had only been shown to a few people to guage opinion? Now it seems the merchandise is available?

I would have thought it takes more than a few days to go from design to product? That's what people were told when they wanted a bit of input into the shirt designs weren't they? dunno.gif

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Mugs are mugs, some have handles, some don't.

point is, who really gives a crap what they look like, so long as they hold tea right?

Obviously not you.

I think the point I was making was more around the new "symbol" of the club which may soon be in place for the next few years.

However, you feel free to focus on the ceramics if it makes you happy! smile.gif

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this was on HIV news yesterday and those interviewed all said

they hated the new design and don't want this badge to represent

Bristol city f.c. fair enough to a small few it is not a big thing

but clearly by polls and most people on the forums it clearly is a big

worry, not the fact the badge is to be changed but the clear lack of

consultation with IT'S CUSTOMERS, THE FANS and a attitude of 'we are

going to do this weather you like it or not.

no one wants this badge


user posted image

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I've got to admit, I'm slightly bemused by this.

They show, what I assumed, was only an idea for a possible new badge.

The majority of fans give it a hostile reception, yet the design is then printed and sold on merchandise...

Not quite right there ballwinningcentrehalf.

I posted a thread LAST THURSDAY stating I had just seen the mugs whilst going to buy Luton tickets. This was 2 days after we were told this was 'not necessarily the final design'.

We've had the wool well and truly pulled with this one.

You can stick yer *****g badge, sideways

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Just a thought, but if fan pressure gets a change of badge design (which of course it should) those mugs will become real collectors' items in a few years' time. Put me down for half a dozen!!

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Ahh Milo, one small flaw there is that if people buy the mugs the club will say that they are selling well, therefore the badge must be popular with the fans, then we have a new badge forced upon on us and loads more mugs commissioned, aswell as shirts and everything else.

Also didn't Steve L say that he knew nothing of the mugs that openend saw last week when he was asked about them?,ar$e$ and elbows spring to mind

On sale Monday, not on Tuesday ,back on Wednesday for the cameras, as you say plenty of wool being pulled over the supporters eyes over this badge.

Personally , think its disgusting and am yet to meet anyone that likes it and that includes a couple of gas heads and a cardiff fan ( he actually smiled when he saw it and thanked me for cheering him up a bit)

Stick it.

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Ahh Milo, one small flaw there is that if people buy the mugs the club will say that they are selling well, therefore the badge must be popular with the fans, then we have a new badge forced upon on us and loads more mugs commissioned, aswell as shirts and everything else.

I was disgusted to see yesterday there was a gap where 3 mugs should have been.

Cynically, I suspect that was done on purpose to give the impression people are actually buying them! whistling.gif

But you are right baggsy. If people who do not like this proposed badge still purchase these products, the powers that be will ignore the views on here as "exagerated whinging" and will carry on with their plans regardless.

If people truly do not like it, they need to show it by refusing to buy official merchandise.

My daughter has had a new shirt every season since she was 2. Not this time no matter how much she pleads.

She can have a t-shirt from the market instead with the true badge of Bristol City on it!

And yes, I am well aware that this does not help the plight of our club.

However, if the board are that arrogant to not open this up to season ticket holders for a larger consultation and/or do not consider the proposed badges of others (which the majority on here at least consider better by about every 9 in 10 people), then they deserve to suffer the consequences of that arrogance.

My company (only 450 people admittedly) got the view of over 75% of its staff (these staff are based worldwide) on the proposed new logo we adopted about 5 years ago.

This was done by personal interview by our communications manager and the agreed design was signed on to by about 90% of the 75% as the way forward. It's amazing how many people show a lot of pride in wearing company clothing and generally having some pride in this logo.

All it will take City is one sheet of paper posted to every household containing season ticket holders (not individual) with 4 proposed badges on.

A tear-off slip with a vote option per season ticket holder in that household and a ratings box and comments box on the others.

Returned to the club (at the fan's expense - if they are that interested, they will pay the 20 odd pence for a stamp) by a set date and then an individual group to compile the results.

This could be the members of the Fans Consultative Committee with help from other fans. I'd give them a hand and I know others on here will as well.

Once compiled, a simple 1 page report produced for the boards attention which has the voting results and the overall ratings results and then some pages on the back with a few of the choice comments.

The board can then make their decisions from that knowing full well that the opportunity to have a say in the new badge was given and in the knowledge that the independent body were aware of the findings.

Cost to club :- less than £2k

Time to sort :- 6 weeks from issue to results

worth to club :- with people prepared to boycott merchandise and even season tickets? you do the maths! happy.gif

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