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Tins Nice But Dim


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Before I start, let me state this, I love Brian Tinnion. He has passion for the club, gives his all whenever he plays and is City through and through. Hell, if he got a deadly snake bite in the groin area, and needed someone to suck out the venom... well, let's just say he wouldnt die.

But a manager he aint. (AT THE MOMENT)

Without being privvy to the dressing room or training ground discussions, Brian does not come across as the most affluent of guys. He doesn't seem to be able to communicate with the players in the way (and I say this through gritted teeth) Wilson could.

Yes, some, possibly even the majority of managers don't sound like the brightest of fellows, but the good ones have something to make up for it... experience. Tinman doesn't.

In the future Tins may well become a successful manager, and I hope he does. But at the moment he doesn't have the credentials to take us up. One thing which should ooze from a player/manager is charisma. Does Brian have this? It's unfair to comment when we don't see what happens behind the scenes, but he does not have the jokes and witty reposts in interviews the likes of Jose Mourinho has, or someone from our division, Martin Allen. He doesn't have the shrewdness of Mike Newell, the fiery temper of Paul Sturrock, the comradery of the City Cat!!!

Today on the official website summed it up. Just 24 hours ago BT was stating how he thought City were targeting 30 pts from the last ten games. We all knew this wasn't going to happen, but Brian said it and so he must stick by it. Today he says:"...we are capable of winning a good percentage of the reamining games". Sorry Bry, what was that. A good percentage??? Unless you're thinking of 100% as good, then you've changed your mind.

At the start of the season I was fully behind his appointment, knowing that whenever we lost I could take solice in the fact that our manager was hurting as much as me, but now I'm not so sure. Tins lives and breathes the club, of that there is no doubt, but is he good for City. Looking through rose-tinted specs, I would say yes. Give him a couple of years he'll do the business. Like he says; "I'll get it right".

But look at this objectively. Worst home form for a long time in this division. A squad inherited from the previous manager which has been made worse, with the exception of Brooker. Defence which could be seperated by a Junior Bent pass, and a midfield with all the attacking tendancies of Mahatma Gandi.

To be honest, we have little chance of finishing in the top 6 now, and don't forget we were aiming for automatic promotion at the start. A new manager now may give us the impetus to make a final push towards the play-offs, but it's down to the players to want it.

Tinman, I love you, but please step down to no.2. Get Joe Jordan in as manager, introducing corporal punishment for offences such as:

-Defence holding arms aloft with looks of bewilderment as to how the attack got through the water-tight back 4- (for the 5th time)

-Huddling pre-match, supposedly getting 'gee'd-up whilst actually vehemently discussing who nicked Tommy's last Superking

-Being called Tony Dinning

We live in hope!

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He was the cheap option!!  wink.gif  whistling.gif

Yep, you could say that BT was duped into believing he was the right guy?

When SL knew that the cost would be the biggest saving.

Understand now that for all the DW doubters - he was so more proffesional & if we don't get up this season & MK don't go down, we could well see him having the last laugh.

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... and a top scout. I think we are regretting that too.

Seems to say the right things, but has bought players who don't listen and inherited players who won't.

'Give me more time in the Summer' .. yes, but your most important signings are a top coach and scout before you do anything else.

As said in the Autumn, SL should have put a Director of Football in as well on appointing Tins. We hoped it wasn't, but its now clear for all to see that the Club from top to bottom needs a total overhaul. SL, for all his qualities and he has many, as an 'insider' should have known that to appoint an inexperienced manager with no experienced helper in the Club's then (and current) circumstance was asking for trouble. A bad mistake and a largely wasted season. OK we've cleared out some of the dross ... but then only gone out and replaced it with more!

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