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Too Many [ordinary] Players


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Take a look at these two team selections :

Phillips / Carey, Coles, Butler, Bell / Burnell, Doherty, Wilkshire, Tinnion / Peacock, Miller.

Stowell / Amankwaah, Fortune, Hill, Woodman / Hulbert, Clist, Roberts, Brown / Lita, Matthews.

How many other 2nd division sides could put out 2 sets of 11 players without a great deal to chose between them.

It is said we have a high wage bill so perhaps at the end of this season when we have I believe 13 players out of contract let us use this as an opportunity to have say 16 very good players at the best salaries [how many times have we lost players through failure to agree personal terms] and the rest of the squad be drawn from lower paid younger players.

Incidentally, amongst the 22 listed above there are at least 5 who can play in more than 1 position quite comfortably [and I missed out Jones, Hawkins and Simpson !!]

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"Quantity has a quality all of its own" Marshall Stalin said that circa 1942 when there were complaints from his Generals that the Red Army did not have quality munitions as did the Germans. Russia, led by Stalin, went on to win that war.

As has been said in this thread, Danny Wilson has the resources at BCFC that most Div 2 and Div 1 clubs can only dream of including big support and massive latent support when results and league status eventually pick up.

Our current league status of 11th in Div 2 just aint good enough.

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