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Isnt There A Barry Conlon We Can Have ?

andy g

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All this talk about Akinfenwa makes me a little uneasy. Do we really want another Paul Heffernan at the club ? What is the point ?

What we need is not another young forward. What we want is an experienced target man who will happily play second fiddle to our first choice strikers. And the key word there is experienced. We want a player who can drop in at short notice and not have to spend five games playing himself in. Someone who knows the game and who knows whats expected of a target man.

Surely there is a player out there who can do this job for us ?

Barnsley brought in Barry Conlon to do that job for them last year and I thought he looked the part (although I'm not saying we should buy him) Why arent we looking at that sort of player ?

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I agree Andy i feel we need a type of player like Brian Deane to come down here got experiance and is a "Target Man" we are looking at strikers that could be "Target Man" but will take time!

I also feel that one of are strikers are leaving i am not sayings it definately Lita but there is something behind the scenes going on involving one of are Strikers maybe gillespe or even Coterill i hope its none of them as i feel we have a comfortbale strike force for next season!

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