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Who Would You Get Rid Off

Red Robin

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me it would be

englandsmile4wf.gif BELL fantastic servant and quality player but has come to the end.

J SMITH never have rated him.

TOM DOHERTY needs to get away and rekindle his fitness and appitite.

BRADLEY ORR never really established himself huffs and puffs.

CLAYTONE FORTUNE needs to build himself up be more physical could make it but I would move him on.

SCOTT MURRAY alful season if he does not perform in the first three months should be put out on loan.

STEPHEN GILLESPIE never goona break through with the quality of strikers here.

MARK GOODFELLOW to lightweight time to go.

This would be a huge saving in wages and could be put towards the one single person we need a quality defender to go alongside HEYWOOD. englandsmile4wf.gif

praying smiley.gif Tinnion has brought quality in fair play just maybe he is getting it together,pure and simple other than auto promotion we will have massivally underachieved. praying smiley.gif

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bradley orr in my opinion needs to be developed another season and if theres not much improvement let him go with a big sell on fee, but I think he is invaluable as he can play defence and midfield especially with the transfer window.

I would like Jamie smith to stay on for a year as i feel he is good cover for carey and is a good character in the changing rooom but if he does go I would not be distraught.

Fortune is pretty much the same as orr is that they are good versaitle(sp) players and with the right guidance could become a top quality player, not like viera like danny wilson said but still pretty good. I don't think its a case of beefing him up but more of slapping him and taking his pets to make him more angry before games.

Tommy Doherty; like every city fan would like to see him stay but he cannot get over tinnion being boss and its obvious he needs a new challenge

Its clear that murray has had a clear loss of confidence so I feel he needs a new job i.e. announcer nah just joking, i would like to see scott part of the coaching set up as he is a good character, well to Tins anyway

Gillespie scenario is the same as heffs, he is a good talent but not better that some strikers, I would only like to see him go on loan as I think he could be the perfect replacement for stewart when he hangs up his boots ( he's only just signed yet I'm talking about retirement

Crazy.gif I think its important to keep the three scousers together and you know if we ever get short of cash whistling.gif but I feel that contigent along with the Bristolian ones will form the team for years to come.

Goodfellow has to go, He could be good as he is versaitle but as you say he is to lightweight and very ugly, on the other hand he does score goals even though he plays poor.

I would also like woodman to go and would like to see us tempt torquay with him rather than spend big on "bayo", In my opinion woodman has gone as far as he can but if he leaves we only got goldbourne as the only natural left back.

sweatingbullets.gif this must be my longest post its taken ages!

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Guest Tactical Genius

Regular readers of my assessments will have noted over time that when it comes to football The Tactical Genius rarely gets it wrong.

Those same people will also have noted that I do not hold the following players in a very high regard, and that I have thoroughly explained my reasoning for each of them on numerous occasions. Those players are, in no particular order, Goodfellow, Coles, Orr and Fortune.

In addition I would also rid the club of Doherty, a footballer whose ability is destroyed by his petulance.

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Maybe a lot of you don't know this, but Bradley Orr is probably one of our best players. Last season when played, he spent most games covering for old or tired legs ( Tinnion, Doherty etc ) put him in a midfield with players who can work from box to box and you will see a completely different player, oh and incidentally he is probably one of the most accomplished forwards you are likely to see ( go back and check his record, he was a prolific goal scorer in school and it was Newcastle who changed his position. Give him a chance to prove himself before you condem him

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