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If Jamie Smith Stays


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By my calculation we will then have (Tinnion and Wring excluded) 24 players, so if we are not to go all season with just one keeper, then 2 will have to leave if we are to keep to 24 and sign Akinfenwa as well.

Goodfellow and Doherty are the likeliest to go, but I've a feeling we'll be over the magic 24 figure by August if we do sign the Torquay player.

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Isn't today the deadline on which he has to either accept City's contract offer or pack his bags and look elsewhere?

While I don't have anything against the guy and he's one of the nicest footballers I've met off the field, I'd hardly be heartbroken if he went, no time really for sentiments in football! praying smiley.gif

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