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Do You Remove The Gherkin From Your Burgers?


Do you remove the gherkin from your burgers?  

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Here is some excellent fun you can have with your Gherkin at McD's

Firstly, this only works with a cheeseburger/burger i'll explain later..

1. buy your Burger and sit down

2. unwrap your burger and lift the top bun and extract the Gherkin, ensuring that its covered in Tommy K

3. now the wraper, this is important. carfully flatten it out and and fold it 3 times length ways so it now looks the shape of a short belt.

4. put the Gherkin covered with TK in the middle of the wraper and pick up the two ends so the Gherkin is weighted in the middle below your fingers.

5. Now, ensure no Staff are not watching and pull the wrapper apart as quick as you can releasing the Gherkin at speed into the air, if you did this right and you had enough tommy K on it, it should be stuck on the ceiling sloooooowly peeeling off and hopefully fall onto the people next to you!

This is really funny and makes your McD's experiance all the more interesting, i've done this several times, but be carful, a Gherkin landed on some guys head and he knew it was me, i'm sure he was going to kick my ass so we ran like a pussys laugh.gif

Every MCD's i used to walk into the first thing i do is check the ceilings, haha.

I actually hate McD's with a passion so i've not done this recently, but please feel free to use my little trick and pass it on!


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