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Guest alex1089

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Like i said in your other post, i don't support another team but i

look out for and watch Roda JC and have a season card for them.

It is impossible for me to have the same passion for any other team

than City.

When i was little i liked spurs and Liverpool from a distance and luckily i

got hooked on City, otherwise joining the Bristol supporters of Liverpool

would of cost a load each year.

I also always look out for Exeter, Torquay and Yeovil not because i support

them but because i like to see them do well.

Obviously i don't want Yeovil to do too well this season.

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Guest MaloneFM
watford, the gas, any team around us, chelski, gretna

Similar to young Grifty here, Watford (Mrs Malone has an afilliation) Preston, West Brom, Brechin and The Pilgrim Keiser Chief Allstars

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Kind of support Man U, only cos the boyfriend is a fan, so I end up watching all the matches when they're on the telly.

Also have always had a bit of a soft spot for Carlisle, cant quite remember why, but I always check how they are doing.


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Guest we8thegas
I look out for the results of Bristol City (have done since the early 90's)

I also look to see if Oxford have lost.

See Rovers are down to play Oxford United at home on Bank Holiday Monday August 29. Could be a good day to stay out of Bristol!

can you enlighten us dunno.gif

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