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Record Season Ticket Sales


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With all the talk being about season ticket sales and will we match last seasons record high of 8,500.

I was just thinking how many season ticket holders did we have when we were in the old 1st division which is now the premiership.

It was surely higher than 8,500 with the attendances we were getting.

I was a season ticket holder with my dad,

I was only 8 but what great memories. city.gif

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Almost definitely pay on the day

I rememeber the EE with queues stretching across the car park all 4 or 5 deep (and that was the rule rather than the exception)

S Ts were only taken up in the Dolman C&D blocks and the benefit was that you could stand with whoever you wanted or if you got in early enoug do the same in the seated area of Dolman and Williams.

Also if I remember correctly that was about the time when admittance in the EE jumped from 25p to 75p unless someone can correct me.

Average attendance for our first season was around 23-24,000 which was a little dissapointing when you consider we had gates of 35,000 plus aginst the likes of Leeds, Man U and Lverpool.

Another great thing was that when we scored the sining sections were not directed with corporate songs (I feel good!!!) and allowed to make the atomosphere themselves with the only other noise coming from away fans.

Don't get me wrong certain things have with S Ts have changed for the better but these are just a few that have been incorporated at some of the fans expense

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