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G'day All,

Has anyone else noticed that the legend that is/was Peter Beadle can't even get in the Barnet first choice 11 any more. He's been a sub not used the last few games.

Do you reckon we can persuade them to take the equally ineffective Lee Matthews off our hands ?


Still think shipping Matthews off down the Gas would be more worth while :D

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aye , and if they were stupid enough 2 like him they may have bought him and we could of bought Robins in .... If only :clap:

Having said that, i got a funny feeling he would bang the goals in for them and then we would be moaning about that "Why did we let him go" etc... :clap:

Wonder if hes injury 'situation' would be the same aswell :D

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Pete Beadle, was a better player then many gave him credit for, he was viewed as a target man, but played miles better in the position just behind the forwards linking play.

He always made an impact coming on as sub and had a good touch and football brain. The downside was he was a bit too old and unfit and this was not helped by not being in the starting eleven often enough.

But dispite having played for the gas, 95% of the city fans loved him and cheered like mad during his little cameo's late in the game.

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