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New Stand

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no pre season friendlies at home may have something to do with the pitch in a state after the concerts?!

i thought the stand was condemned, and has to be pulled down?!

i'm sure the stand will be knocked down.

as for work starting on a new stand... i've no idea.

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Will we be seeing any more artists impressions of what the stand is likely to look like? I know there is the 1 picture where they've copied a stand from another ground and put it in the current stands place but I don't think that's a very accurate prediction of what it will look like as for a start it never included the boxes our stand will have, and ours will probably have a more raised roof. It would be good to see some more impressions.

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Guest DrFaustus
I've got a little tonka truck somewhere if you think that might help.


Is your 'tonka truck' battery powered?

Saying that, yours probaly runs off the mains.

Lights out over Hotwells, sir.

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