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Lita ~ Last Quote


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Well. The link to the Reading site has Lita saying he does not want to leave Ashton Gate.


i will belive it when the ink is dry on the contract

agents? i wouldn't trust them.

talking of quotes.. on Anyinsah

One man missing yesterday was 20-year-old midfielder Joe Anyinsah, who is poised to join Championship side Preston North End.

Tinnion said: "It was a bit of a shock when his agent rang and told me he was on his way to Preston, because Joe had called me on Tuesday night and said he would be in at noon the next day to sign a new contract with us."City can command a fee for the release of Anyinsah's registration as he is under 24. If the two clubs cannot agree, a tribunal will decide the outcome. Lansdown stressed: "Preston have made us an offer for him that is laughable."

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Guest MaloneFM

Hello I'm Roger Malone fading local media celebrity. I have no 'sources' in the club, I listen to no 'rumours'.

I am like hack equivalent to John Shaw in the Sweeney. Beofre he turned inot a ponce in Oxford and subsequently died.

I am the voice of sport and I aint 'ad me dinner!Lita signs Lita stays.

By the way this is Mr Mustang St Phillips and he is Dennis Waterman to my George Cole. Before Dennis Waterman got all wrinkly and let that bird slap him about on BBC1.

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