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I've Just Returned From 2 Weeks Holiday...


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Before that the board and news were just ticking over slowly, and now I come back to find that 3 players have gone but maybe one more coming in.

To save me reading through weeks of topics can someone please give me the brief low-downs and what's been happening round these parts?

Tommy finally moving on then - no great surprise but how much do we know about the 'undisclosed' amount? Is it likely to be fairly substantial?

Joe A to Preston - bit of a shame as the lad had great prospects and surely that is why he will now be playing next season at a higher level. But again, can we expect to receive much from the compensation?

And Freezer has eventually gone to Swansea - again a shame cos what I saw of him deserved to be given more of a chance but now this does leave us with very few options in the wide areas. We have the ageing Scott Murray who is unlikely to produce the width and pace and crossing that our strikers will hope to strive on.

Dave Cotteril can play there but is not his preferred position, and Scott Brown can do a job although not natural width, looking to come inside rather than past his man.

Grant Smith who was tauted as a winger but has stated he wants to play in the middle - are there any more in the pipeline?

Coughlain looks to be joining today from Plymouth which looks like a good bit of business, providing the 'undisclosed' amount is not too much, but a good strong leader at the back who can do a bit and help the young 'uns out will be useful. Will this more likely mean that Heywood will spend most of his time waiting for injuries/suspensions and Coughlain/Coles is surely likely to be the first choice partnership at the back?

And what is going on with the champagne kit? I think it might grow on me, but I've noticed that the neck is round rather that the V that people voted for on the home kit

Phew - thanks for taking the time to help a bloke out farmer.gif

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Got any 'beach' holiday snaps ?


Oh no - too many fat German ladies. Really shouldn't be allowed!

I really think Lita will stay though, he's made all the right noises to suggest as much, but maybe he's (or his agent) been briefed well to be diplomatic.

I can't see Brooker leaving either (Port Vale??? Seriously?) he seems to be enjoying himself here being made captain/vice captain

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