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Just wondered if anyone could tell me if work has started taking down the old east end, as nothings been said on the web site, (or ive missed it) Hmm, I bet there's a smilie on here that conveys laughter but I'm too lazy to look for it., also how long is it taking for the certificates to come through as i purchased a brick 2 months ago over the internet and apart from a confirm email from city nothing has come through the post. Would be greatful if any1 could let me know.

Cheers Stevep38.

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It looked as though absolutely nothing had happened by Wednesday lunchtime. It hasn't actually been given the final go-ahead has it? I thought CS was due to announce it on July 1st and a week later doesn't seem to have got round to it, sounds like a bit of a hitch in the plans to me.

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