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Sell Leroy To Accomodate Stewart?

Red Finesse

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With the recent goings on involving our top scorer of 04/05 and most promising young player got me thinking. . .

SL made no secret that Stewarts wages were pretty steep for this football club, so is selling Leroy Lita being done to compensate?

Stewart of undoubted ability, will put bums in seats and as weve seen with the "born and red" t-shirts - shift merchandise.

If this is the case, what would've you prefered? Lita to stay and no stewart? or vice versa?


Listening to the rumours flying about, "A major sponsor has backed out of the new stand" and the sites "announcement on monday" being shifted to tomorrow (tuesday 12th) Could Lita be sold to compensate that? Surely the money lost in planning and designing the new stand runs into the £10,000 bracket ?!? thats alot of money for no product.

Keep our most promising player and lose new stand? or VV?

Or Maybe a couple of tinmans "irons on the fire" were infact reading players?

Player/s plus cash deal maybe?

I personally would take LL over MS and the new stand. Hes ridiculously young and talented and will only improve and has a proven strike partnership with Brooker.

Stewart may turn out to be a luxury. I sincerely hope not

Discuss . . . .

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