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No Ambition

Swindon Hater

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Guest DrFaustus
All good looks when we splash out on Stewart and show how much ambition the club has got to get into the Championship.

Then we sell our best player, back to normal.

It's a ###### joke, this club will go nowhere, end of story.

No ambition? Your club brought Marcus Stewart to City. Whatever you think about his motives, surely a talismanic signing. You've also filled the gaps in other areas identified by Tinnion.

Your club, like ours, is losing money every year. Do you expect your board to turn down reasonable offers for players? You're in the third division and trying to get to the second, but some book balancing attempts have to be made.

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I also liked Lita I felt that he was a quality player since the first time I saw him play.

But I also believe that there has to be more to the story than we are reading, sorry about the pun, but perhaps leroy has got a bit big for his boots, and is letting everyone at the club know how good he his, and causing unrest in the camp.

Just my brain working overtime but I do believe that there is more to it than meets the eye.

So get behind Gilly now for he is also qaulity and he will come the the front this season.

We will probably sell him on next season but hey thats what football is all about these days. dunno.gif

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