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Face Facts


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1) Wants to play at a club in a higher division

2) Can earn more money

3) Give his international chances No harm

4) We can survive without Leroy

5) Gillespie was the top scorer in Liverpool's reserves a couple of years back and is good enough to come in and score goals.

6) In Stewart we now have someone who can read Decent balls and will probably bang in 20+

7) For a 3rd division side £1million is to good to turn down.

8) Adam Boyd will be joining us this week maybe?

We are a team of X1 not a team of one as some people try to make out and believe. My big question is who will all those people who don't see pass the strikers have as their man of the matches now.

We are Bristol City and no one man is bigger than this club, we will continue on as we did when akinbiyi left and Goater etc.

We will go up this season hopefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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