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Leroy To Sign Today?


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Talks are expected to start on Tuesday with Lita expected to sign for the club in time to feature in this week's friendlies against Staines on Wednesday and Didcot on Thursday.

Looks like its going to be an open and shut conversation with Mr Chairman then ohmy.gif

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As Bensolo rightly pointed out in another post, Reading had an offer of £800,000 turned down a while ago (which was public knowledge) so it must be a bit higher than that, or certainly that plus a tonne of added incentives

However, with a year to go on his contract, and his reluctance to sign a new one, £800,000 is better than nothing next year. However, as the new rules are in place for compensation to be paid to clubs when the player is under 23, i wonder how much we would get if he was to leave next year rather than now (via tribunal)?

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