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Bournemouth Away


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Bit early i know, but am planning on staying over, anyone know off any good places to stay?

phone numbers and address would be great??

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You might not be able to stay there overnight but if you like good beer then I recommend ......The Goat & Tricycle


For cheap overnight accommodation......... 'The Railway' at Branksome


Just across the road from the railway station approx two miles from B'mth town centre and about the same from Poole town centre...... and a few stops from Pokesdown station....... get off the train there and Dean Fitness First Court Stadium is a short walk.

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I would think as soon as they know the temporary stand will be in place for us to use, as according to their rivals web site we will be the first to use their new fourth stand, so broilles or sun lotion everyone  dance.gif

Does that mean an increased allocation on last year then?

If so i'd better get booking me digs.

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