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As we all know I hover around OTIB most of the time and when I'm gone for a week everything happens.

What a difference a week makes!

Typical. doh.gif

- For the record I still think you'll be okay without Lita... His only full season as a regular concluded with you finishing outside the Play-Offs (mind you it was because of his goals) so it's not the end of your world. You'll certainly miss him. I expected a Mid-Table/Bottom Half Prem team to go in for him though. Reading will have a good strike force next season (if it goes through)

- On paper and as a fan of and rival League One club I'm not as daunted as I was when you were signing all those players so early on into the summer. That's not to say you've got a poor team because on paper you still have one of the (unfortunately) best... I have to say I'm very impressed with Andy King's signings recently so that's probably why.

Football eh! blink.gif


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