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I Wonder What Stewey Is Thinking

Red Robin

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chant6ez.gif I wonder what Marcus must be thinking at the moment.

I wonder if he still thinks he has made the right decision.

I hope so because a fully focused stewart will be a massive problem for any team we play home or away.

BRING ON THE CHAMPIONS 2005/2006 I CANT WAIT this season has been long overdue. snack.gif

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I very much doubt he'll be surprised at all.

Unlike most of us on this forum (myself included), he knows how football works and what it's really like for promising young players.

He will realise that these things happen. It doesn't mean the club isn't ambitious. It just means that players want to advance their careers and small clubs (like us) will get offers that are too good to turn down.

End of story (except that he might be more confident now of a place in the starting line up wink.gif )

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