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I Think He New Long Ago

Red Robin

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Reading between the lines I really do think the club new Leroy was off.

When you look at the facts we were trying to purchase another striker even before the Reading scenario.

What stinks is if Leroy thought we had a chance of escaping this division surely one more season should have been given to TINNION for believing in him and giving him the chance.


If LITA has produced a quality season his value would have rocketed and he would be in the championship with city instead of ending up at READING.

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Guest The Groundwell Cider Red

i beg to differ, LL produced a quality season but what cost us promotion was our usual failure to defend set-pieces.. I think we need an experienced no nonsense centre back to command the back line ie like coughlan but tahts gone up in smoke.. god forbid we might want big tony butler to come back doh.gif

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