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Leeeroooooyyyyy Lita


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Well, I for one have enjoyed your football mate. I wish you all the best for the future. Ignore the guys on here put you down for bettering yourself - like they wouldn't leave their long time employers for double the cash!

Good luck with the England career, who knows, maybe we will see you in a City shirt again some day.


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Guest BeNeRz

Nice Post

Yea i wish leroy all the luck in the world with his football! whether its at reading or whereeva and u never no when we get to the prem he may return!!!

Good Luck Lad!

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Guest things just got better
Yea we got more for lita than you did for parkin, and parkin had been a top scorer for longer.

Next.  razz.gif

1 million,2million what dose it matter as just like town very little of it will go on players .AT least parkin went with the town fans blessings,and did not bitch at the club when he left. dance.gifdance.gif

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