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The Very Last Word On Leroy.....


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B0ll0cks....poo p00 and bum....there....all done and dusted...out of my system forever now...look forward not backwards....we're going to get promoted and we'll meet Leroy next year and proove him wrong for leaving now...!

And yes if you are reading this robbored I am being positive.... dance.gif

Tins said today that still a possible 4 new signings before the start of the season....bring it on.... englandsmile4wf.gif

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BeNeRz and Dolly - seeing as we are the only ones seriously putting this one to bed.....my very very final statement on the matter - 'Leroys gone - good luck Marcus and Brooks - promotion will still be ours'.

P.S Just checked the BCFC balance at the cashpoint and the money's gone in.... rofl2br.gif

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