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Wales Vs England

cider army on tour

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I was chuffed when they announced our game against Colchester was to be on SKY TV. Then the penny dropped and I realised it was on the same day as the Wales game aahhhhh.

City always first choice for me !

Has there been a kick off time announced for the Wales game yet?, SKY has 'TBC' on their teletext.

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Yeah I'll also be on 5 after denmark so got a ticket. Going to be a great day, what do you reckon our chances are of finding a pub in Cardiff to watch the city game in are?!!

I'm on 3 caps as can't afford Denmark, gutting. But bloody lucky to get a ticket. They're trying to arrange a pub for all the England fans to go to on the englandfans forum, will probably have the football on one screen. Otherwise only pub I know that will definetly have it on is The End in Cathays.

PM me your email so we could meet up to watch City game somewhere?

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