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What Celtic Top?

Lita For Congo

What Celtic Top shall i get?  

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Guest Ciderhead Reynolds

home one is pretty much the same every year , so u could get it at any time , where as they change the away one , and as it looks quitw good id go 4 that :D :Cool11: :Cool27: :Cool11: :Cool10: :Party3: :sport18: :sport19:

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Sorry but at this moment in time i need to watch other football to get some entertainment, if i don't, i think i would be put off of football altogether for the rest of my life!!!

Ive been watching weston-Super-Mare in and out this season and i tell you what i have been enjoying that 100 x better than any city match.

Anyway he didn't ask you for your opinion on him supporting Celtic he was asking you to help him decide what top to wear. So keep to the subject please.

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"got nothing to say" who cares about what ###### celtic shirt you should buy,what about the serious polls like severside  you ######.

I Could put, "What Colour dress does my nan look best in?" and it would still be a poll, it is a POLL forum, there is already a severnside forum you ######. I Asked my fellow posters what top is better and all i wanted was an answer, not a ###### like you thinking your good and they think they know the score. Please leave.

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