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"He must pass a stringent medical"

Said SL..

Is that the same one as Matthews took?

I think we have learned our lesson there. Bridges has been injury free for two years now, and also has a more stringent attitude to his own training and rehabilitation than the aforemenioned pie-muncher.

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It must be sad for players who have their playing days plagued by injury, they must be so desperate to prove to everyone that they can do it, but end up spending more time on the physio table, has to be tough expecially when people have shown faith and belived in you.

One thing is sure that given the chance, they will try harder that anyone to show everyone that they are worth the gamble, Bridges is relitivly young and injury free would ensure us promotion, all this crap about he's not a target man is bull he scored over 20 goals for Leeds on his own when Hasselbaink left, he IS a great target man, full of aggression and desire.

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Hope you're right Dave..


Although, I did feel a little sympathy for Lee, his career seemed to be a cycle of pre-season training, reserve football and injury..

There is no doubt that Lee M has been very unlucky with injuries, and I wouldn't wish that on any young player who has his heart set on a career as a pro. However, it could be argued that if he had adopted a more professional approach to his own fitness, he wouldn't have got so many injuries in the first place.

Any way, he's Vale's problem now.

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Bridges has been injury free for two years now

Not according to the Sunderland website....He got injured playing for the reserves towards the end of last season



And why has SL said on the official site that we are in talks with Sunderland when they have given him a free transfer? Surely its just down to the player agreeing terms?



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