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Any1 Involved With Supporters Trust

Guest BeNeRz

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Yep it's a matter of opinion and that was mine...

I think you should go for something "clean" - red and white with some simple text. It will need to look good in black & white remember, so something clean will be better suited for that. I'd try to design something myself if I wasn't so crap with photoshop smile.gif

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Not too keen. Sorry mate. I've posted this before but I'd go for a strong image along the lines of...

user posted image

Blatantly commie/socialist/SWP and could perhaps do with Bristol City slant, but powerful all the same.

Along with a strapline like...

"Bristol City Trust - Defenders of The Faith"

"Bristol City Trust - In Us we trust"

"Bristol City Trust - Voice of the People"

"Brsitol City Trust - One Love, One Voice, One Vision"

"Bristol City Trust - The past, the present and the future"

"Bristol City Trust - The future belongs to Us"

"Bristol City Trust - Fans First"

"Bristol City Trust - People over Profit"

"Bristol City Trust - The Terraces Take Over"

"Bristol City Trust - Taking Back What's Ours"

"Bristol City Trust - For our children, and our children's children, and our children's children's children, and...."


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Yup its all good feedback thanks luke

u like the shape of the top design?

I think the shape is OK yeah.

I have to say that I think the best idea I have heard so far is probably a pointing robin (ie pointing at the person looking at the image) in a we need YOU type of way...

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First design is best. The others look a bit muddled.

The shield looks very similar to Liverpool's.

A couple of things for anyone thinking about designing a logo to consider are how it will look when actually being used, either on merchandise or in print.

I think the most efective logos are often the simplest. Colours should be kept to a maximum of 4 to save on printing costs.

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Guest Moose
Click on the link up the top where benny has underlined it.

And why not just join us, you can be our first American exile!


The link only works if you're a member of the supporters trust and you have an account. However, I see what I'm guessing is the preferred choice has been openly circulated now to general forum users...... looks quite good by the way.


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