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Mangotsfield Vs Bristol City


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I live in the new houses right opposite Cossham Street and I saw the City friendly last year there. They had Mickey Bell, Lee Miller and co. there so it was pretty good. Shook Tinman's hand and heard Miller giving an interview was pretty cool. Lookin forward to it.

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my neck of the woods....

Come past Soundwell (or KWLC) on your right and into staple hill, take a right, into Staple Hill.

If you want a bag of chips, stop here - the chicken bbq is simply the best chip shop ever - and is a prime reason i am the size i am...

then from here, carry on through staple hill, heading towards page park. go past the Staple Hill police station on your right, page park (good times) on your left.

Down a windy hill, then up a windy hill.

Your now in Mangotsfield.

Salutation pub on your left. Round the corner, a video shop, tesco metro and an offy.

Cross the road.

Take the first right.

you should see some new houses in the distance, on the left.

You will walk past a shop on the right and start to see the ground as you go round the corner.

Fantastic club for where they are. Enjoy the day.

Up the Field!!

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Yes I be there played there myself in a cup final many many years a go,nice little ground.

Is David Seal still playing for them.

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I'm going too! Expecting a few gasheads there to cause some trouble too. It is gas territory after all.

yup, my family come from there and they're all gasheads....i however was brought up in Weston (thank god!)

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