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Potental Is Mind Blowing

Red Robin

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crickey I thought this was BRISTOL CITY FC not a bloody premiership club.

Who the hell would have thought MARCUS STEWART and MICHAEL BRIDGES would be playing at ASTON GATE this coming season.

My god with BROOKS and GILLY we have no reason not to believe CHAMPIONS we are in the making.

What really puzzles me is why the hell the club spout of about players before their signed.

Surley it makes sence to keep quiet.

Has MARCUS STEWART had any influence in his capture this could be a awsome partnership.


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There is the small issue of Derby Countys interest of coarse, he would be daft not to sign for them, they could well be in the prem in 12 months time plus they can offer more wages plus there ground is better and they nearly double our gates

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I'd rather have Lita and Brooker than Stewart and Bridges.

Right, an interesting oppinion. A kid who may well do bugger all next season, and Brooker who is good. Or a player who has been the top scoring english forward in the Prem before, and a player who singlehandedly fired Leeds into the CL in the Prem with 19 goals.

Hmm obviously i'd pick the Lita and Brooker option dunno.gif Stewart and Bridges, who both have proven ability far beyond what Lita will ahve for a few years yet, if ever.

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