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I cant seem to understand why SL keeps making public his transfer moves, Many teams may have forgotten about Bridges and we may have been able to sign him without alerting other clubs to his availability.

I am of the feeling that the free signing of Bridges being made public is being used to cover up the signing of another quality player, be it a transfer or a loan deal.

It seems stupid to me to keep making public our transfer activity.

What do you all think?

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To be honest, I don't see the harm in it.

In the majority of cases the player will have an agent. That agent will be phoning around clubs to tell them that his player is available.

I think in reflection the same thing happened with Coughlan - we mentioned the fact that we were in for him on the main site and then he went off to have a baby (his wife, not him).

In the meantime the agent was (possibly) phoning around a bit, seeing what he could get from other clubs etc.

I used to have the same attitude as you, but when you think about it there's always people behind the scenes ringing around and name-dropping.

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Yeah true.

I just hope he signs, so we have quality strikers this season.

I think we do have quality strikers, but could use another as can never know what injuries are around the corner. I would like SG to get a good run out this season, I think he would do the business for us. I would hate to see him leave cos once again he gets put back down the pecking order.

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