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The site says do you want to remain logged in but every time I come back to the forum its says log back in - what am I doing wrong?

Also with AOL offer I have extracted broadband (about three weks ago) for twenty quid a month

With the world offer is it worth moving up to the 27.99 price tag to get BCFC World

Also when I go to register for BCFC World it says not known

All assistance great received

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Sorry about teh last message.

I cant see any reason why they should make you pay any extra, as there would be no way how they can tell you have got it cheaper, unless of course you're £20 server is different to the £27.99.

I never get the message asking me to sign out, but do other people use your computer. If yes that could be the problem. On some networks the administartor will not allow you to stay logged in even if you say yes (security reasons).

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