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Who Was It Who Said?

Guest frogred

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Guest frogred

"Danny can turn it around, He has done before and he will do it again and it will start this saturday against Sheff Weds"

I'm sure it was one of the 'happy clappy brigade' ,Whose name escapes me.

Well I resisted the temptation to respond last week, But now 2 (home points) later and the team barely halfway up this #### division, I cannot contain myself for another week.

How much more time do we give this man, Prior to this season the progress has been slow and painful. This season we have slipped back embarrassingly, He wasted our prescious cash on 2 players (one out of his depth and the other totally overated) He handles criticism worse than President Blair, Although the spin he puts on #### performances even Alistair Campbell would be proud of. His team selections are poor, substitutions even worse.

I have'nt seen his post match interview yet, But, I suspect it will say "they came for a point", Well guess what Sherlock they got it.

October has gone, November is upon us and Christmas is around the corner.

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