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Sad Story

Guest Stafford

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I don't feel sorry for him, drink driving is inexcusable.

But he was my hero for years, so I hope he comes through it and realises his mistake.

well cause of these PC people they say now a pint lasts in your body for a hour(unless your me and needs a p!ss) so if u go on a good knees up then you wont be under the limit for 3 days but you are ok to drive!!

and drink effects different people some people are out of there face on 5 pints and others it can take a lot more.....

i remember i got pulled by the cops giving my drunk mate a lift home(i was not drinking) and they breathalised me and i couldnt give them a sample tried 3 times and this arrogant git of a copper god i hate them said if i don't give a sample now they will arrest me for drink driving. managed to give a sample and was clear because i was drinking soft drinks all night and he said he could tell be my eyes i aint been drinking....

so why the hell did he give me a test and cost the tax payer some more money how many times that must happen a year would get our council tax down a hell of a lot

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