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Youth Cup V Rovers


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Exciting game. No loss of passion from both sides here. Lots of hard tackles, too many from behind at times.

Williams and Plummer very good for City. Williams at 15 looks outstanding, control, pace and bundles of skill; same old concerns though about whether we will coach it all out of him......

Good to see several seniors there, Harley, Fortune, Keogh and I think lad from charlton; nothing much better to do on a monday, but still.

If you ever get a chance. it is worth having a look at the future. What worries me is that there were several things that were show tonight that we can't do at first team level.

Very few hoofs into the stands

Several shots on target from range

Good coreners

If kids can do it then surely our well paid seniors can too?

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sounds like it was a cracking game from what i've read about it, Hopefully the seniors will take note of the kids and will now go out and do the same! Also notice the game was played with passion! I bet most of the first team squad would struggle to spell that at the moment!

Also good luck to Dean Grubb who has a suspected broken leg, good luck, hope he's not out to long.

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