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I was a little concerened to learn Johnson had said:

"I hope the fans are not judging me on this current team, I hope they judge me on my team" (or words to that effect)! What is a comment like that going to make the players think? Especially as confidence is so low!

or perhaps it's an attempt of reverse psychology?!

All this aside, I think he will turn things around - I think he has the Character, Passion, Drive and Motovation to do it. We need results and fast! As fans, we have all been in this position before and deep down know that lack of support during times like these can be devestating to the future of the Club we live for.

Our support can make a difference so lets do our bit to turn things around!!!

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I have complete faith in Johnson, If you look at the side he assembled at Yeovil, there was pace in abundance throughout the team, and if we're honest how many players in our squad have genuine pace?

As he has said himself, let him get his own players in, then judge him.

All this talk of thompson being the puppet master at Yeovil is complete crap, look at the job he did with Latvia (where he is still worshipped).

I also refuse to accept that he isn't a good manager "at this level"or that he's unproven "at this level", what level do some people think we are at? let's face it, Lenny Lawrence could be classed as proven, did we want him as manager?

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