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You Had Your Chances

Red Robin

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Nice to see Bridgey saying give me a chance.

I have not seen anything to suggest your are a prolific goal scorer.

You shots have no force or power when you have pulled the trigger.

Bridgey reality is what you have shown us is not good enough.

You have a lot to prove I'm afraid along with your mate stewey.

history is passed reality today is you are not producing for BCFC.

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a couple of starts early season, when he wasn't really fit, and a few sub apperances here and there..............mainly under Tinnion.

Under GJ he hasn't really had a look, he has shown in glimpse what a good player he is, think it was the MK Dons when he came on behind the front and pretty ran the game..

Quality player but actually needs a chance alongside Brooker! Too early to give him the boot, it's known he has the quality!

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Living up in Leeds I don't get to many games (only Port Vale at home this season so far, so at least I know how to pick em!) but when we played Colchester on Sky I thought Bridges looked like he had a lot of natural ability, but wasn't really fit enough to do anything with it.

Several of my mates up here are either Sunderland or Leeds fans who get quite exited every time Bridges name gets mentioned. 'a young Bergkamp' has come up more than once, and several Sunderland fans can't believe they got rid of him, only to replace him with two players (Andy Gray and Jon Stead) who they feel have only half his skill between them.

My belief is that Bridges is very keen on showing people what he can do but is suffering due to not having the right foil and/or opportunities. For me the introduction of Madjo felt like a desperation play by Tinnion and Gillespie, although clearly talented, would do better with a month or three of first team games at somewhere with a bit less pressure.

If you had Bridges, Stewart, Brooker and Quinn to pick from (disregarding any personal/fitness issues) I think any combo of the above would have enough intelligence and potency to provide a real attacking threat.

And as a post note my flat mate is an Ipswich fan who said if the Stewart leaving rumours are true then he'd pay his wages himself just to get him back to Portland Road!

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Bridges has looked ok playing behind the front two but usually that is games which are effectively lost and we are taking a gamble in chasing the game. Barnet away, Oldham away & MK Dons at home springs to mind. This would make him a luxury player in my eyes and when we are battling in a relegation fight I am not convinced he is the man. Furthermore 1 league goal in 5 years, says a lot.

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yeah , Lets get rid .

afterall he says he wants to stay , says he loves bristol, and has begged to be given a real chance.

We don't want that sort of dedication here . out out :dunno:

What do you expect him say?

Did he beg or just tell a journalist that he was frustrated?

4 starts, 10 or so sub appearances, one tap and only a glimpse of his former self. Sounds like I'm slaggin him off, but lets be realistic - if he's to stay he's going to have to look good in training, reserves and when given a chance in the first team. Might be a luxury we can't afford. Might be that his quality shines through but i'm not confident of that happening..

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