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A Team Of Individuals


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In my opinion tonight saw a team of total individuals partially trying to play as a team.

At the end of the day, although I am inclined to support Johnson as things stand, he was still responsible for picking tonights team.

From what I could see, they weren't a team at all. They were eleven individuals who never seemed to have a format to play as a team.

I still feel Johnson is the man for the job, but I am not as completely convinced that the January window will be his saviour.

To lose to a team that has not won since the start of what turned out to be a glorious summer (how long ago does that feel?) I am now struggling to think where the next win will come from.

Indeed, will the January window come soon enough for BCFC to avoid the drop?

Sad, and very concerning times for BCFC.

One more quickie concerning tonights game.....

....you gotta laugh at those saddo Swindon fans who's only song for 50 odd minutes of the game was '2-1 and you're getting wet'...........get the think tank together bumpkins :)

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