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The Kamikaze Kid


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Has Dave Partridge, the famed Welsh international centre-back got a death wish?

Not content with failing to clear a simple ball twice and instead kicking thin air, in the move that led to Swindon's free-kick for the equaliser; daft Dave then puts his body in the path of a hurtling Rory Fallon to concede another foul that results in his own stretchered-off substitution, whilst earning a yellow card into the bargain!!

Never a dull moment when that guys on the pitch, eh? :pray: Charles Bronson would turn in his grave.

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Made me chuckle i suppose.

Has anyone else recieved hundreds of phone calls and texts from "Swindon Fans" mocking the result? Spose you have to love the part time supporters don't you.

Theyve supported swindon since their premiership season, great fans, don't even go to any game other than the big ones, never go away unless its a nice ground yet call them selves fans. Some people eh?

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