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Time For Everyone To Pull Their Weight


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Its gotten to a point now where this club, fans, players and board, management and coaches.... need to start pulling together.

At the moment, were in a relegation battle, there is no relationship between the players and the fans, neither is there any relationship between the board and the fans. If things keep going the same way, we will be relegated by Easter. The club could be pretty much dead within 12 months!

We all know the players at the moment are not pulling their weight, and everyone on here and who attends the games have had a pop at them (myself being very near the top of that list, I admit it), but I for one am ready to wipe the slate clean and give them ALL a second chance!!

I say, forget the arrests, the drinking and the performances so far. Lets all get behind each and every single person at the club for the next four or five games. No slagging off, just get behind the boys and give them the chance to deliver without the pressure of the fans on their backs. Give them YOUR support, they need it now more then ever

As i previously said, Ive been one to have a go on this forum, but maybe if the fans make the first move (again) to build some sort of relationship with the players and the club, maybe....just maybe, they will respond.

Keep the faith (ive re-found mine), lets get behind the club :englandsmile4wf:

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