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City V Swindon

Bristol Boy

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Sorry for the delay, but I've been away for a few days :)

Well, we've been unable to win when falling behind, so it's nice to see that GJ's managed to change things around.......and now we loose when we go in front as well :whistle:

You can't get much more lucky than a twice taken pen away from home in the first few minutes and nobody can dispute we started brightly enough, for a change.

After that it was all down hill with injuries to Murray & Partridge and the sending off of Sankofa which, after reviewing it on video,seems harsh to me.

Murrays' absence wasn't that much of an issue as Grant Smith filled in well on the left and gave us some balance as, at least, he's left sided.This nonsense with Murray & Cotterill has to stop as neither are, or will be, a wide left player as long as they've got a hole in......well, you know :shutup:

Heywood showed that he's going to be vital in helping us avoid relegation, early doors or not.I know he's not the quickest but he's the nearest thing to a leader & organiser that we've got.

Based on our second half showing we deserved a point and the fact that we didn't get one is probably the most worrying thing.

As I posted before, Loan Signings should be automatic first team choices and a significant improvement on what we've got.

Ours are not and that in itself could lead to dressing room unrest.

I don't think our players would complain if Vierra & Henry arrived on three months loan and they lost their places, but if I were Fortune, Woodman or Golbourne and I was watching Youga.......................

I hope that GJ brings in far better players than the current crop, particularly if there's money involved in January. :angry:

To clear things up, I didn't see lack of effort at Swindon, I saw a major lack of talent and tactical nouse.....and, in a way, that's even more worrying.

4-4-2 didn't work and neither has 4-5-1 on the two occassions, both away, when we've tried it.There are a few fundemental reasons:

a.Our defence is disorganised.This is not helped by changing the personnel every week, most of which is not GJ's fault.

b.We don't have a wide left player with any pace.

c.We don't have a passer in midfield.

d.Our movement is dreadful and therefore Brooker, as the lone striker, is not supported well, or indeed, quickly enough, to mount attacks.

BASSO: 6/10 Not much he could do with either goal and, as I've said in the past, Peter Shilton would struggle in our team.Looked competent but no better than Phillips on this showing.

SANKOFA:5/10 Harshly sent of but would he have played had Carey been fit and is he better than Carey or Orr at RB?? Could be a better RWB, but that's debateable.

YOUGA:5/10 Looks sloppy at times and doesn't do enough for me.No better than our other left backs and I'd prefer Golbourne at LWB in a five man midfield (3-5-2).

PARTRIDGE:5/10 Injured & Booked in the same incident which lead to a goal.Another who doesn't do enough for me.He should be a leader, organiser and a major influence.To date, particularly since the town boy incident, he's not.

JOSEPH:6/10 I thought he did OK for a first game and I wouldn't mind seeing him in a three with Heywood & Partridge or, possibly at right back.The long throw's handy as well.Question is, is he really that much better long term than Keogh :dunno:

MURRAY:7/10 Looked bright & lively until he was injured and had to leave the field.Scored the penalty and a decent cross that led to the pen.

RUSSELL:5/10 Looked fit enough, but is he the passer and is it just that our movements so poor, or is he just not the man we've all been hoping for and lightweight. I'll judge him more fairly when we're at home with eleven players :dunno:

BROWN:5/10 One decent long range effort.Trys hard but doesn't acheive enough.

ORR:5/10 Not a midfielder as he can't pass.Trys hard and good work ethic, but like fellow scouser Brown, doesn't contribute enough.From what I've seen, he's a better right back.......question is, is he better than Joseph or Carey as an out and out defender :dunno:

COTTERILL:5/10 Lots of skill however, as ever, NO END PRODUCT.Neither he or Murray are left wingers.

BROOKER:6/10 On his own and outnumbered.Still made a contribution and nearly snatched an equaliser from one of a few better crosses on the night.This "one up front," nonsense with our defence just won't work and wastes Brookers talents.

HEYWOOD:7/10 Looked better as the game wore on and a commanding figure.Needs pace alongside him in central defence, but he'll do for me so far, all bar his injury record.

SMITH:6/10 I'd still like to see him in a central role and GJ's persistence with Orr as opposed to Smith from the start, contributed to our defeat and reduced our goal scoring options.

STEWART:4/10 Ineffective.

Make no mistake, we're sadly lacking in all departments.

We leak goals.

We've stopped scoring them.

We lack creativity & resolve.

We are going down unless GJ can magic some winners, leaders and POINTS from somewhere.

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